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About FLOW


  • FLOW /flō/ verb (esp. of a liquid) To move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream
  • The definition of FLOW above describes this podcast as clearly and concisely as any word can. Songs FLOW into one another, influencing each selection in front and back of itself. Consequently, each episode of FLOW influences the next episode. What appears to be just a podcast is actually a body of work, an immense stream of sounds seamlessly mingling with one another, that you get to peer into as you are so inclined.
  • Each week, FLOW brings you a fresh new mix, of Deep, Tech and Progressive House sounds, mixed by GH (Mixtill6 Records, Third Level Studios) from his home studio in Pittsburgh, PA. GH brings a unique set of sounds to electronic music lovers, focusing on a deeper type of sound, but never losing sight of the dance floor while constructing these weekly sets. As an active producer under his name, GH, as well as EdgePlay (DJ/Production Duo with Mike Hanlon aka Philo) you will often get a chance to hear fresh music worked into the episodes fresh out of GH's own Third Level Studios.
  • FLOW is an opportunity to connect.
  • Weekly episodes will connect you to new, fresh dance music.
  • Sharing your experiences with FLOW will connect you to others who love this type of music.
  • The current of rhythms can connect you to energy for workouts or carry you away from the mundane tasks life requires of us. Will FLOW help you connect or...dis-connect?
  • Plug in and find out....