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FLOW PODCAST EPISODE #153 (EdgePlay Live @ Hot Mass 04.20.14)

April 24th, 2014


This weeks episode comes in the form of a live recording from EdgePlay's recent performance at Hot Mass in Pittsburgh, PA on Easter Sunday morning. Stem & Leaf artist, Sertac Sahin opened up the night with some stellar vibes, setting the stage well for our onslaught. We had a great time playing, winding through a set ranging through acid house, deep house, tech house, and even some vocals here and there. All in all, it was a night to remember, so here is the mix in all of its 3+ hours of glory. Enjoy.



March 12th, 2014

This week we have a live recording from  EdgePlay's performance at the Stem & Leaf Showcase put on by OBVIOUS at Belvedere's Ultra Dive in Pittsburgh, PA. Obvious was kind enough to invite our little homegrown label down to their event  to showcase some of our artist's work, so indeed we did. Sean Kramer opened the night up with a solid mix to set the mood, and Feroun traveled in from Baltimore, MD to grace the dance floor with his musical talents as well. These kind gentlemen properly set the stage for myself and Michael Hanlon (EdgePlay) to grind through a set of some of our favorite recent records,  some literally cherry picked hours before our performance. Thanks to everyone who came and supported, and if you didn't make it, plug in and enjoy the rain check.



FLOW PODCAST EPISODE #131 (Part 1-Casey Cloonan-Sertac Sahin-GH Live @ Elixir 10-31-13)

November 8th, 2013

This week we have another live recording from Halloween night at Elixir in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA. Casey Cloonan and Sertac Sahin (Pittsburgh Underground) were kind enough to invite me down to play some music for the evening, so we recorded the night while we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Halloween night. 

I am planning on posting another hour of the mix for the next episode of FLOW, so if you enjoy part 1, be sure to come back next week for a second serving. 




October 24th, 2013

For this week's episode of FLOW, I present the first hour of our (EdgePlay's) recording from Touch Supper Club in Cleveland, OH on 10/12/13. The Nite Move's crew from the Cleveland was kind enough to bring us in to play our music for Touch's great group of patrons...and what a great night it was. 

The Second half of our set will be coming soon, but at least those who missed it won't....well, need to miss it.



October 2nd, 2013

This weeks episode of FLOW comes to us in the form of a live recording from EdgePlay captured from their performance on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 @ Elixir Night Club in the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. In typical fashion, the duo engaged the audience at the United We Dance event with a  winding blend of genre-bending tunes, nestled in between set from the event curators, Sertac Sahin and Casey Cloonan. EdgePlay is slowly becoming known for the captivating sets of unpredictable twists and turns they weave during their shows, and this recording is the proof in the proverbial pudding, so to speak. 




June 6th, 2013


This weeks episode is a live recording of EdgePlay's set from last Saturday's 'Stranded' event at Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grille. Special thanks to the Re5et crew for inviting us down to play as a feature. EdgePlay, the collaborative production/DJ project of Michael Hanlon and Geoffrey Huber (GH) wind through a set list of originals, hand picked tracks from other artists and a few unreleased tracks from Stem & Leaf, the record label that they  share "head honcho" status of.  There is tons of hot tunes in this live recording, which is actually from a microphone rather than a line-in (oops). This happy little accident produced a uniquely live and organic feel.







FLOW Podcast Episode #78

October 31st, 2012

  1. Beverly Thrills (Original Mix).---Edit Murphy
  2. Excessive (Original Mix)---Shinedoe
  3. Renkler (Original Mix)---Julian Collazos
  4. Stronger (Original Mix)---Aidan Lavelle
  5. Tiger Bite (Jordan Dare Remix)---Zhao, Matt Walsh
  6. Stay Glued feat Kevin Knapp (Gorge Remix)---Audiojack_Kevin Knapp
  7. Toledo (Original Mix)---DJ PP_Tini Garcia
  8. New Times (Clive_Henry and Rui Da Silva Remix)---DJ Wild, Clive Henry
  9. I'm Just Emotional (Outart Remix)---Luca D'Arle, Outart
  10. Kingdom (Booka Shade Club Mix)---Dave Gahan
  11. Different Now (Original Mix)---Damian Lazarus
  12. Subversive (Original Mix)---Offset
  13. Shaking The Sky (Original Mix)---Tone Of Arc
  14. Caller ID (Radio Slave Remix)---Nic Fanciulli
  15. Emotions (Original Mix)---Pig Dan
  16. Hazardous (Original Mix)---Baunz
  17. Righteous Sound (Daniel Dexter Remix)---Zombie Disco Squad
  18. Secreto (Deadecho Acid Refix)---Audiofly, Muan, Robbi Akbal, Deadecho
  19. Sacred Geography( Guy J Mix)---Sia, Guy J
  20. Vision Of Love (Original Mix)---Bicep

FLOW Podcast Episode #63 (GH Live @ Cream 07.12.12)

July 18th, 2012

This week's episode brings us a live recording from my performance last week at Cream, a weekly event showcasing local and regional talent in various genres of Electronic Dance Music, held at Levelz Sports Lounge in the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. House of Style's own Glenn Wilson and Justin McCray invited me back to play after my performance on 04.12.12, which was also recorded for your enjoyment if you are interested (hint, hint) There were a few audio glitches with the amps in the club that had us running the mixer a little hot, so there is a bit of clipping in places, which I apologize for, but I still wanted to share the raw version of this set as an indicator of the type of audio experience I like to compose while playing live in the club.

As always, I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed laying down the mix itself. I didn't post the track list to this one, but it is available if anyone is specifically interested. Just message me for any track ID's if you are feeling a beat:)






FLOW Podcast Episode #50 (GH Live @ Technophile 04.12.12)

April 17th, 2012

This week brings a live recording of my performance at Technophile from Thursday, April 12th. This night showcases local and regional talent within techno, minimal, tech house, among other EDM genre's. The Bad Doctor & House of Styles crew was kind enough to offer me an opportunity to play at their night, and I jumped at the chance.  Excited for the event, I spent time before hand in the studio programming and editing the majority of the nights tracks in an effort to deliver an energy filled set for the crowd during my hour and a half set. If you couldn't make it down, here is your opportunity to experience what occurred. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed throwing it down:)

Special thanks to Nice Nate, Blue Buddah and Glenn Wilson for the spot!







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