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FLOW Podcast Episode #21

September 28th, 2011


  1. Thinking Loud - Original Mix---Fitalic
  2. Another Life - Johnny Yono Dub---Fast Distance, Stine Grove
  3. Feel So High feat. I-Fan - Extended Mix---Hardwell, I-fan
  4. Take A Ride (Mendez & Andrew Remix)---Ritmo Playaz feat. Paula P Cay
  5. Rhythm For Me - Original Mix---Santiago & Bushido
  6. Deil Inside (The Scum Frog Vocal Mix) GH Edit---Utada
  7. Sum Of Us - Original Mix---Ad Brown
  8. Trust In You - Original Mix---Passenger 10
  9. Hard Loving - Mihai Popoviciu Remix---William Kouam Djoko
  10. I'm Lonely feat. Hollis P Monroe - True Identity & Philip Young Love Queensday Remix---Johan Gielen
  11. In Movement - Original Mix---M.O.O.N. Pro
  12. Beautiful Day - Stefano Noferini Remix---G & G

FLOW Podcast Episode #20

September 22nd, 2011


  1. New York Dreamer - Alix Alvarez Remix---Shlomi Aber
  2. Oh Come Around - Original Mix---Phonique
  3. Det - Schatraxx Remix---Daso, Pawas
  4. Krambambuli - Original Mix---Animal Trainer
  5. How Can I - Alexkid Remix---Darran Nugent, Pavel Lenchenko
  6. 2nd Avenue - Original Mix---Chris Drifter, MB Project
  7. Pretty Evening - Original Mix--Magnetic Brothers
  8. Konigskinder - Original Mix---Daso, Juli Holz
  9. Color Of Love - Original Mix---Daniel Bortz, Sascha Sibler
  10. Distinction---Daso
  11. Take This Ritmo - Original Mix---Juce
  12. Moon Palace - Original Mix---Alan Fitzpatrick

FLOW Podcast Episode #19

September 15th, 2011

This is short little promo mix of ALL ORIGINAL GH tracks made for Mixtill6 Records promotional use. While these are a few years old, its pretty neat to be able to say that every click, thump, bass, kick, vocal, snare, etc was either created or arranged by myself (with some help from Uncle Testa) to put together this 60 minute or so mix. I hope you enjoy in lieu of a next weeks brand new episode!


  1. Hidden Valley--Original Mix---GH
  2. Placebo--Original Mix---GH
  3. Seven Springs-Original Mix---GH
  4. Cedar Rapids 219-Original Mix---GH
  5. Control Group-Original Mix---GH
  6. 2 a.m.-Original Mix---GH
  7. Liq Nasty-Original Mix---GH
  8. Because-Original Mix---GH

FLOW Podcast Episode #18

September 8th, 2011

Sorry folks, I don't have the track list for this set, as it was a promo that I recorded for Total Wipes Records way back in 2008. I do know that the first track is "CEDAR RAPIDS 219" by yours truly, written during a business trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a hotel room# 219 back in 2008, then after that, I just can't seem to track the others down.

I hope you enjoy, as this was a set that I remember some heads really enjoying!

Yours Truly,